Bachelor of Arts Psychology

Bachelor of Science Sports and Exercise Science

Doctorate of Occupational Therapy



Presented at NASPSPA Conference, June 2019 - Baltimore, MD

Rauff, E. L. & van der Meulen, C., (2019). The influence of depressive symptoms on psychological well-being & health behaviors in first year college students. Journal of Sport & Exercise Psychology, 41, S84.

Professional Resume

Full Work History

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Health Care


Basic First Aid


Expiration: Aug. 2022

Basic Life Support (CPR & AED)

American Heart Association

Expiration: Aug. 2022

Counseling on Access to Lethal Means 

Suicide Prevention Resource Center Training Institute

Expiration: N/A

Locating & Understanding Data for Suicide Prevention 

Suicide Prevention Resource Center Training Institute

Expiration: N/A

Social & Behavioral Research Certificate

CITI Program

Expiration: January 2022

Student Researchers Responsible Conduct of Research

CITI Program

Expiration: May 2021

Conflict of Interest

CITI Program

Expiration: May 2021



Carolyn van der Meulen

Pacific University | School of Occupational Therapy

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