Academic Honors

Scholarships & Awards

Pacific University First Year Occupational Therapy  Student Scholarship

Award received by select members of each first year OTD cohort.

Presidential Volunteer Service Award

Gold Level Recipient

National recognition for community involvement and service to others.

Kohl's Cares Regional Scholar

Recognizes youth engagement in community betterment.

​KIRO Radio Standout Student

Honors nine students who value academic excellence and positive community engagement.

Seattle University College of Arts and Sciences Hickey Award Nominee

Kinesiology Department Nominee.

Award based on a student's contribution to academic life

BECU Foundation Scholarship

Recognition and scholarship based on academic excellence and community service.

Zonta Young Women in Public Affairs

Recognizes young women who embody leadership and civic engagement.

Mukilteo Youth Soccer Club Scholar

Recognizes exceptional student involvement in community youth sports.

Sullivan Leadership Award

Awarded to incoming students each year.  This full-ride scholarship is earned by students who embody the pillars of academic excellence, leadership & service, global engagement, spirituality and community.

National Federation of Independent Businesses - Young Entrepreneurs Scholarship

Recognizing demonstrated entrepreneurial initiative and business success.

Prudential Spirit of Community Distinguished Finalist

Honors students for meaningful contributions to their community through volunteerism.

Spirit of Seattle Unsung Hero

Spotlights a community member for their distinguished service to others.

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